Field Notes Friday 0003

It’s that time again! Field Notes Friday is for everyone – just share a quote, image, sketch, thought, or excerpt from your field notes or  journal to any social media you choose, and use the hashtag #fieldnotesfriday to encourage others to do so.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, beautiful, or profound. The point is to DO it, and become a better (whatever you are) because of it. So join us!

Today I participated in the Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count at the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area. Here’s one page of my account (and the transcript below):

FieldNotesFriday 0003a

Sore from lack of sleep, and probably hunger and thirst, but I’d have it no other way. Explanation of my notes from previous page (and on the same day, too!)

I actually used the Fox walk (which I learned from the Wilderness Survival weekend), rolling on the side of my foot with each step and gingerly testing each leaf, twig, & rock! Of course I couldn’t use it the whole time but when I did, MAN did I notice a difference. Sometimes the others sounded like elephants – or armadillos! I’ve never heard an elephant but I know armadillos are bad. Can’t wait for warm weather to break out the Vibrams again.

I don’t have binocs (but now I know I’d like Nikon Monarch) … and at first it was like I was blind and deaf. Birding takes practice, and a new perspective. But eventually I started hearing what some weren’t. and looking for movement. I wasn’t useless; I saw plenty! Although I couldn’t identify I could certainly help in that way (locating). I think I was more keen in this 7.5 hours than any other time I’ve been out here (except @ night or alone). No wonder I’m exhausted!

Actually I think I’d encourage people to go birding the first time without binocs. It forces you to hone skills you’ll still need when you have binocs: hearing, wide-lens view, watching for movement, walking softly, looking @ habitat & more.

Every layer of practice in a new field of expertise changes my perspective[…]

FieldNotesFriday 0003b


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