5 Reasons You Want to See Animal Inside Out

Do you need a little convincing to go to Animal Inside Out? Let me help you with a few reasons to enjoy this exhibit:

1. The Opening Video

It may sound like exaggeration, but I think the price of entry was worth it just to see the two-minute video at the entrance of the exhibit. Without words, with only music and powerful images, the editors portray the connection of life on earth, especially the similarity of humans with the rest of the animal kingdom. If you enjoy feeling connected to the world, to other humans, and to nature – if you enjoy the mental rush of cosmic perspective that Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about – then this is a transporting two minutes. Worth your time, and worth a second (or third) watch.photo(2) copy 10

2. You’re (Already) Interested

The Animal Inside Out exhibit is a haven for people of myriad interests, like:

  • anatomy
  • veterinary science
  • human medicine
  • visual art
  • ecology
  • conservation
  • health studies
  • exercise and sports
  • birds
  • mammals
  • sea life
  • exotic species
  • domestic species
  • adaptations
  • strange sights
  • interesting photo ops
  • artistic presentations of real specimens beautifully and respectfully treated

Even if none of your interests are represented above, I think you’ll find something compelling in the exhibit.

3. Ethics, Evolution, Ecology

For those who are a bit concerned (as I was) about the ethical ambiguity of the exhibit, breathe easily. Gunther von Hagens & Body Worlds wisely answer your questions up front:

photo(2) copy 3

If you wondered about the scientific and educational value of the specimens, you’ll like the quality information and its cohesive theme of adaptation and relationship. I was delighted to find conservation emphasized, especially toward the end of the exhibit. Conservation is important to Body Worlds, and they know it’s important to us.

4. Support Art & Science in Our Time

This crossover art form is science and sculpture – a natural interpretive dance frozen in 3D. Would you have gone to see Andy Warhol’s work when he was alive and still creating? What about the same chance to see Van Gogh’s? DaVinci’s? Or perhaps it’s a better comparison to ask if you’d see the Beatles or Beethoven in concert if you could. I know I would. To me, Animal Inside Out is the same chance. It’s a modern breakthrough in science and art, von Hagens is still creating, and there are masterpieces waiting for you.

5. DFW’s time is extended!

You now have till February 23 till the exhibit leaves North Texas. Go! And while you’re there, take time to enjoy the Perot Museum’s other exhibits on minerals, space, dynamic earth, sports, and evolution. The architecture, gift shop, and living roof are pretty cool, too.

Go to Animal Inside Out. Your time and money will be well spent. You won’t look at other animals (or in the mirror) the same way again.

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Animal Inside Out


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