Field Notes Friday 0014: Perfect Ordinariness

Sometimes it’s the small things that make you take notice of life. Since starting our Home Nature Journal, and since Spring is really beginning to spring here in North Texas, I’m noticing signs of life arising anew from the cold. But they’re tiny signs. I have to look closely, and that makes discoveries even more gratifying.

Here are just a few of the simple, normal, everyday moments I’ve seen – and just around the house, not in any grandiose nature preserves accompanied by sweeping vistas – over the last few weeks. Sometimes, ordinary is extraordinary.

A leaf on my Monstera, a lovely shade of new. This plant has family history – its progenitor belonged to my mom, then to my aunt, and now to me.

A bug – I don’t even know what it is yet – but I was delighted for days warm enough that a bug was able to move enough to get into the house!

My new Nasturtium is blooming beautifully, exotically, alluringly. I wonder who it attracts. Looks bee-worthy to me.

A cozy little cove for a spider… in a single Pothos ivy leaf.

Small Things

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