Field Notes Friday 0031: Is iNaturalist a Good Excuse?

You’ll have to tell me whether you think this is a good reason to have missed so many weeks of #FieldNotesFriday: I’ve become an iNaturalist addict! I’m uploading observations like crazy, both from the computer and via mobile.

iNat is a great tool for learning more about nature, connecting with naturalists across the globe and locally, sharing your knowledge, and keeping a record of your discoveries.

Both online and mobile formats are relatively easy to use, though both have their quirks and cons. (Shoot me a comment on this blog or message me on iNat if you have questions. I’ll do my best to help.)

I hope you’ll give it a try, or if you’re already an iNat addict, find me! (I’m quickly nearing 100 observations. That’s just an arbitrary base-10 number but I’m still excited.)

Find me (and my recent observations) here: