Field Notes Friday 0040: Start Birding at Home

I’ve been trying, and I’m not giving up. Maybe you birding types won’t understand, but this aspect of nature eludes me. What do you think of my solution?  

This is from my home nature journal, by the way. You could have one too! 


3 thoughts on “Field Notes Friday 0040: Start Birding at Home

  1. I started by buying a field guide and we had a bad pair of binoculars. Whenever I saw a bird in the backyard, I would pull out the guide and try to identify it. I keep a pair of binoculars by my kitchen window all the time. In fact, before we had even moved in to this new house, I had a pair of binoculars on the floor under the window. I’m still not very good at identifying birds, but it’s a lot easier in the yard than in the woods or prairie. Now I try to get pictures of birds in the wild so I can enlarge them on the computer and take my time identifying…and then send the pictures off to people more knowledgeable than me who correct me!

  2. Identifying birds (and butterflies, and plants, etc. etc.) in your own backyard is an excellent place to start. It’s also good inspiration to plant more native plants, which will attract more native wildlife.

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